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A professional bartender or master mixologist deserves to use the best tools. For those times you need to stir a cocktail instead of shaking not any spoon will do for the job. You need a professional bar spoon and this stainless steel skull bar spoon provides everything a professional will need in a good bar spoon. With this 40 cm sinister skull themed bar spoon, not only do you get to utilize a professionally designed bar spoon, but also give your bar service a fun fierce pick your poison vibe. The high quality stainless steel material along with the detailed lines of the weighted tip with skull and twisted stem takes this bar spoon from ordinary to extraordinary!


  • Fierce Detailed Skull (weighted tip)
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Measures: 40 cm length
  • Twisted stem for superb grip and utility
  • Ideal for any type of professional bartender


Skull Bar Spoon

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